I had the lucky merit, and I mean LUCKY to have Ari speak in my shul on Shavuos. He started off with a crowd of 20 and half way through the lecture, the entire shul stopped what they were doing to listen to Ari. He is captivating, inspiring and down to earth. He has a style and ability to make you laugh and cry. He keeps the audience engaged the entire time. We look forward to bringing Ari back and recommend everyone to do the same.


Rabbi Yisroel Majeski

Rosh Kollel - Valley Village, CA


After a full day of surfing and power-gliding, I had a feeling that a speech might not be the best activity for my camp adventurer group... never had I been more wrong! Every single kid sat there the entire time listening with full attention and interest as Ari debunked many of our "Hollywood life dreams." Ari is genuine and sincere and you feel that when he talks to you.


Akiva Balsam (Camp Director)

"The Lost Camp" - Los Angeles, CA


Ari Blau came to our yeshiva and shared with us his story which transported us from Hollywood to someone who's now learning and a ben-Torah. All of our talmidim had a universal reaction... INCREDIBLE! To see someone who completely transformed his life, it was just an absolute honor to be learning and hearing from the incredible Ari Blau.

Rabbi Chananya Kramer

FTI - Cherry Hill, NJ

Ari Blau spoke here in our Kollel and it was so inspiring and entertaining. It was the perfect blend that gave it such a geshmak. His authenticity comes through right away. There were people from Kollel yungelite to people who are totally unaffiliated. Everyone enjoyed it. Everyone loved it. We also had Ari together with Mrs. Blau to speak for women, and it was even better! There were questions afterwards for two and a half hours! This is a couple who almost had what everyone else wishes they can have, and then said 'You know this is empty. We want what's full.' It's such an inspiration to hear from this amazing couple. Grab them!

Rabbi Yona Klahr

Rosh Kollel - Cherry Hill, NJ