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Ari has spoken to thousands of people from all around the world! He has an ability to relate to both young and old, ranging from all types of different backgrounds. Whether it’s a school, camp, shabbaton, corporate office, annual dinner or private party, his authenticity, passion and humorous style brings people coming back for more! He offers talks on various subjects.

Ari would love to speak for YOU!


Reb Ari successfully delivers a powerful and compelling message that Torah reigns supreme! There's no one better to share that message with our sometimes confused and mislead youth than someone who was deep in the thick of it!




I had the lucky merit, and I mean LUCKY to have Ari speak in my shul. Everyone was captivated! He has a style and ability to make you laugh and cry. He is inspiring and down to earth. A must hear!


Rabbi Yisroel Majeski

Valley Village, CA


We had Ari come to our camp for Shabbos. You will not find a greater speaker! He was incredible! After he spoke, the kids lined up to talk to him for another hour! He couldn’t get out of the door! If you haven't heard his story, you NEED to hear it!​

Rabbi Eli Brazil

Director of Camp Kaylie - New York


Ari came to our yeshiva and we witnessed someone who transported us from Hollywood to someone who's now a learned ben-Torah. All of our talmidim had a universal reaction... INCREDIBLE to see someone who completely transformed his life! It was such an honor to be learn and hear from the incredible Ari Blau!

Rabbi Chananya Kramer

FTI - Cherry Hill, NJ


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